Wij: I just wanted to say thank you for putting on such an amazing show on Saturday at Lexine's birthday party. You were amazing and my husband's praises came in the form of this statement "Anybody who can completely hold the attention of 11, 4 & 5 year old girls for 1 hour has his respect." We (my husband, my older son and myself) really enjoyed the show as well. Again, thank you so much. We will recommend you to anybody who asks!
Susan McKenzie (Response to my show from her daughter’s 4th Birthday party)
Hi Wij, Just another big THANK-YOU for the great show you put on for my son Andy's birthday party. All the kids enjoyed the show and balloon animals as did the adults. To keep 13 children entertained -- mesmerized for an hour is no easy feat as you really are a great magician. You have just the right combination of comedy and magic which is great for both adults and children. Hope to see you again when my son turns 9!
Joyce Hayward (Response to my show from her son’s 8th Birthday party)
Hello Wij, Thank you so much for your brilliant performance at Iman's birthday party yesterday. Iman and all the children were spellbound and had a wonderful time. Thanks a million and we wish you continued success in making happy memories for families.
Sincerely, Jackie Bundu (Response to my show from her son’s 10th Birthday party)
Wij -- the show was absolutely fantastic -- you were terrific with the kids and knew exactly how to appeal to them. I'm sorry I missed you on your way out -- wanted to thank you again for doing such a fantastic job of entertaining all of us.
Jennifer Hall (Response to my show from her son’s 6th Birthday party)
Wij, the show last night was fantastic - thank you for the great evening of entertainment! You had the boys, and the adults, so engaged, they were truly mesmerized by your performance. Owen and Emmett both want to be magicians when they grow up... All the best
Rob Grand (Response to my show from his son 6th Birthday party)
Hi Wij, Just wanted to thank-you again for Ella's party. All the kids loved your show, especially my daughter. Thanks for making my daughters party a hit!!
Lisa Newton (Response to my show from her daughter’s 3rd Birthday party)
Thanks Wij for a great party. The kids all had a great time and it was the easiest and most stress-free party I have ever made! I will definitely recommend you to friends.
Rebecca Young (Response to my show from her son’s 5th Birthday party)

... And yes we loved your show and memories of that day will forever flourish in our hearts. I know that your shows are supposed to be exciting and entertaining, to bring laughter and amusement. The day of your show, you brought more than that...

Ricardo, the birthday boy was incredibly happy with you. His self-esteem radiated with the attention you gave him. We took many pictures that day, but nothing compares with the great joy of the memory we have of you on that special occasion. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. My family members only talked about the great magician you are for weeks.

Thank you again.

Karen Rodriguez (Response to my show from her son’s 5th Birthday party)
...Actually, both the kids AND the adults thoroughly enjoyed your show. At times, twist and turns unexpected which kept the kids on their toes! Bottom line -- the experience was full of wonderful and amazing tricks, humour and the interaction between yourself and the audience kept the show moving rapidly creating momentum. Thanks again for a terrific show! I would recommend you in a flash...!
Rhea Akler ( response to my show from her daughter’s 6th Birthday party)
Hi Wij Yes, thank you, we loved having you entertain the kids; I wasn't expecting the adults to enjoy it as much either, but we all loved it! It was such a joy to see the kids laughing as much as they did. Thank you!
Sandi Danilowitz (response to my show from her daughter’s 5th Birthday party)